After placing my order, when will I receive my soap?

Your order will be sent the same or next working day and will usually be delivered within 2-4 working days by our selected couriers, Royal Mail or myHermes.

How do you package your soaps?

We’ve seen that an alarming amount of items that can be bought online are ridiculously over-packaged and use non-biodegradable stuffing. We think that this is completely unacceptable - that’s why we’re committed to using as much recyclable AND biodegradable material as possible, that's usually recycled itself! If there’s much more sustainable alternatives that don’t contribute to the 15 trillion pieces of plastic already in our oceans, why not use them?!! Bar Soap is a highly sustainable product, so the packaging should be too!

Bar soaps travel well, but some more brittle soaps can break in transit. As a soap specialist, we know which one’s travel better than others and will wrap them accordingly.

What about the manufacturers packaging?

We attempt to only buy and sell products that come in cardboard or waxed paper, however some bars do come from the manufacturer with a cellophane inner wrapper. We’re working closely with as many manufacturers as we can to change this, however this is still a fraction of the plastic that would be required for a single bottle of shower gel!

Does soap have a shelf life?

Most of the soaps we sell have an indeterminate shelf life, and can last for many years if kept unopened in a cool & dry place, however this can vary greatly from soap to soap. If the soap has any ‘active’ ingredients, it will usually bear a defined shelf life.

How long should my soap last for?

This depends on a few different factors, but generally, a higher quality ‘triple milled’ soap will last significantly longer than a standard ‘once’ milled soap. Keeping your soap as dry as possible (when it’s not being used!) is beneficial to making any soap last longer, so make sure your soap dish has a draining hole in the bottom.

I'm Vegan, what soap can I use?

All our soaps that are labelled suitable for vegans, are listed as such in the product info. There may however, be other soaps that are vegan, but do not necessarily state so. We list all the ingredients of each soap so you can make an informed choice for yourself.