Soap, the cornerstone of civilisation, is one of mankind's earliest recorded discoveries, used since 2200BC in ancient Babylon. Fast forward to present times, and bar soap is still the most luxurious, effective and environmentally sound way to cleanse the body.

Yes, at Suddingtons we’re frankly obsessive about all aspects of Saponification (the chemical process for soap making).

As soap specialists, or ‘Soapers’ if you will, we feel it’s our duty to inform and educate our customers to these benefits, by showcasing the very best soaps on the market. The selection of soap you can buy in many high street shops leaves much to be desired, so we set up shop to send you the very best, through the marvel of the internet!

We sell soaps from around the world, as soaps vary greatly by region, for example English soaps tend to be light, floral and have a creamy texture, whereas Italian soaps tend to be more intense, citric and scrubby.

Soap is also fundamentally better for the environment. Most shower gels are housed in thick plastic bottles, which over the course of a year can add up to a significant amount of waste. Sure, most of the bottles can be recycled, but wouldn’t it be better if little or no plastic was used at all?!! Most soaps come in biodegradable cardboard boxes, and when the soaps done, it’s done! A win-win for the environment you might say.

With soap, you also don’t need to use one of those plastic-netted-ball-things that often smell mouldy and will also contribute to landfill somewhere. Bar soap is direct on, constantly refreshing itself and when you’re used to the funky fresh feeling of lathering up your favourite soap, there’s no clean feeling quite like it.

We want to be your one stop shop for just about any soap you can imagine, and our range is always growing. You can always drop us a message if you’ve got any questions, or ever need us to recommend a product.

Where there’s soap, there’s hope!

The Suddingtons Team